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P & O Estates - Staines Holding Tank & Pumping Station

After the severe flooding of 2014 in the Staines area and the backing up of the foul system in the main road, a large office block ended up with sewage on the car park and leading to the office door which resulted in the office being closed for several days with a large loss of revenue. It was decided to install a complex set of pumps/valves and a concrete holding tank beneath the car park but above the water table for ease of installation. Automatic back flow valves and warning beacons are the first signs of an ensuing problem. The office then has 24 hours of holding capacity where by either the drains clear or the contents of the holding tank get tankered away off site. If the drains clear the pumps automatically empty the tank ready for the next occasion.

Chessington World of Adventures - Landscape Building

This project was to demolish an existing container storage unit and to do the groundworks for a new steel framed industrial building. The arisings from the storage unit were loaded away off site with our 7 tonne excavator with a grapple attachment. The foundation bases for the building were then excavated and concrete was poured. Crushed hardcore was then laid and the concrete slab was shuttered & poured ready for the building to be erected.

The National Trust- Frensham Little Pond

Rehabilitation of 800 year old dam

After reducing water levels in the pond by siphoning over several weeks, work commenced by carefully gaining access by protecting roots of the trees and acid grassland by using aluminium trackway. Under the strict control of Surrey wildlife/bats/reptiles a borrow area was slowly cleared. (Borrow area was basically the source of material required for the project as very few materials could be brought onto the SSSI site.)

Once access to the dam had been obtained, drilling and chemical injection of the masonry walls and arch was started. At the same time a dewatering system was installed to allow the spillway works to commence. It was at this point there was a sudden self ignition of an old WWII phosphorus grenade 0.5m away from the public footpath where it must have lain undisturbed for 60 years. The bomb squad arrived in force along with a fleet of members of the fire service, ambulance crew & police. The site was shut down and the grenade was destroyed on site with a controlled explosion.

The concrete spillway finally was constructed and faced with brickwork and the wooden bridge was installed by National Trust Rangers. Soil from the borrow area was used to backfill and raise the levels to those required for the adjoining paths. Whilst all the works were being carried out our site agent was responsible for monitoring movement of the masonry structure to within 0.01mm.

Thorpe Park - 5 year lake infill contract

The project involved moving 300,000m/3 of soil from outside of the permitted development area to form new flood plains for Chertsey. The material was moved using a fleet of 25 tonne articulated dump trucks and various excavators from 45 tonnes down to 7 tonnes. Material was also imported to make up the volume required to achieve the purpose of reclaiming 12 acres of new development land for more rides & attractions. The project lasted 5 years and included several culverts, bridges and a new causeway to the rear of the park. Within the flood plains shallow areas for wading birds were formed underwater along with bird watching viewing areas.

Thorpe Park - Saw Alive

As part of the lake infill project, material was filled to allow for the development of the new attraction; Saw Alive is a floating maze aboard the old paddle ship (Thorpe Bell) themed along the lines of the Saw movies. It required a themed docking area as well as queue lines and a link route to the rest of the park.

Being that the entire area was previously lake a big part of the project was to stabilise the ground. Sheet piling from the old RMC workings were extracted and transported to its new home to be driven in at the quayside. Unlike other jobs the sheeting was positioned out of line and ragged topped to look part demolished and old. Premade fence panels were installed with very little margin for error and the queue lines were block paved with the occasional area of impressed concrete. Various themed objects were positioned around the site to continue the theme of derelict quayside.

Thorpe Park - HV Cable Trenching Works

In 2009 it was necessary to install a new 90mm high voltage cable. The cable run was from the dome to the area opposite Flying Fish. Works involved cutting the tarmac and excavating a trench 750mm deep. Various manholes were constructed using precast manhole rings. The cable was then laid in the trench and covered in sand followed by concrete cable markers. The trench was then backfilled and compacted followed by warning tape. The tarmac was then re-instated to match the existing and connections were made by others.

Hawthorn Farm

This project was to do all the ground works for a new 450 m/2 agricultural building. This involved pouring bases and forming a reinforced concrete floor slab with internal drainage including toilets and a wash down area complete with installation of all new services. A hard-standing parking area and access road was formed as well as several CCTV towers with necessary ducting.

Chessington Tiger Enclosures

With 4 endangered Amur tigers coming we were tasked with doing the groundworks for their tiger house and 3 enclosures. Works started with clearing what was Mystic East to make space for the new building/ enclosures. Tarmac was broken up and removed from site as well as lots of excavated arisings to suit the new levels. Due to the fast approaching arrival of the tigers the main focus in the early stage of the project was the tiger house. The groundworks included bulk excavation, storm and foul drainage, formwork, steel reinforcement and concreting a floor slab 250mm thick. After this was completed we moved onto enclosure A, B & finally C preparing the enclosures ready for the fencing contractor to install the fence.

As well as the enclosures we constructed various concrete bases to support the tunnels that connected each of the enclosures. Foundations were also constructed as the base of the main log flume drop to support the new themed tiger head. After all the fencing and theming has been completed our last job was the resurface the area with tarmac ready for opening to the public.

Arlington Business Park - Overflow Car Park

With additional parking at business parks coming increasingly sought after we were employed by IPM Facilities to extend, resurface and install fencing to separate the landscape department whilst also providing a new overflow car park to the business park. The works involved excavation, muck away, laying and compacting an MOT type 1 sub-base on geotextile membrane and then finishing the car park with a 20mm golden gravel. New perimeter fencing and a 3m high close board fence including an 8m wide gate were installed to complete the project.

West Byfleet Demolition & Extension Groundworks

This project involved demolishing the existing extension and detached garage. Following the demolition and clearance from site works commenced on the foundations to the new large extension to the side and rear of the property. Foul and storm drainage was installed including a crate soakaway system to take the rain water pipes from the rear of the property. After the drainage and foundations were complete works started on the block and beam floor. A concrete slab was formed within the garage including reinforcing mesh to provide extra strength. Next the client instructed us to excavated and lay the sub-base for the large patio at the rear re-using hardcore from the demolition where possible.

Caterham Garden Room Groundworks

Our client was able to construct a garden room under permitted development. We were tasked with the groundworks which included excavation, muck away, sub-base, formwork, reinforcement and concreting of the main floor slab. Due to insufficient falls on site for the drainage our client instructed us to install a pumping station to allow the garden room to have drainage. Watermain and ducting for power was installed before we vacated site whilst the building was erected. Following the completion of the timber framed building we returned to site to construct a new patio area and footpath from the main house.

Esher - Garden French Drainage

Following the development of a new house to the rear of our clients it has resulted in the gardens to 2 properties being flooded every winter meaning the gardens were inaccessible. It was for this reason a drainage engineer had designed a french drainage system with herringbone runs to collect the ground water in the gardens and discharge into the combined sewer. Our client had instructed us to install 160m of french drainage to 2 properties then coming through the garage and constructing a manhole within the driveway over the existing sewer to make connection of the new drain. Due to access restrictions into the garden we were only able to use a micro excavator and lots of trips with the wheel barrows with soil and shingle!

Hawthorn Farm - Badger Fencing

With the imminent arrival of alpacas this project involved installing 400m of badger proof fencing to the paddock to stop the risk of TB. This fencing had to be buried and returned at the bottom so that the badgers could not dig underneath. The first task is excavating a trench 500mm deep, strengthening posts were then installed at corners and 25m intervals. Tensioning wire was then installed to the top and bottom of the fence. Intermediate posts were then installed and clipped to the wire. The badger wire was then lifted into position and unrolled then laid in the trench. Thousands of staples were then used to fix the wire to the posts. The final task was to backfill and compact the trenches. There were multiple field gates installed, to stop the badgers we had to concrete underneath the gates.

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